As an I/DD provider, we know the importance you place on choosing services that best support your consumers and community.

With Arlington Heritage Group’s trust services, you can offer the best financial solutions to those in your care, which in turn improves outcomes.  Our two trusts ensure a continuity of government benefits, asset protection and peace of mind.

Both trusts are irrevocable and are compliant with federal and state requirements.  Each trust will help you and your staff to more effectively manage funds for your consumers.  

We know you’ll want to dive in and perform due diligence, below are some links for additional information.

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The Provider Trust

The Provider Trust offers the best solution for consumer funds management for those in your care. This will save money, time, benefits and overall will help to support your community.
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Irrevocable Burial Trust

As a provider, you know it’s better to be prepared. By pre-planning the inevitable, you will help remove stress from your staff and the financial burden from your consumers.