For I/DD Providers

Do your consumers frequently exceed their Allowable Resource Limit?

Would you like to financially support those you serve that have no resources?

THE PROVIDER TRUST can help you with this and so much more!

Safeguarding Benefits and Building Resources

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Arlington Heritage Group is a trust administrator that works exclusively with human service providers. For over 30 years, we have helped to safeguard benefits for indivduals within a provider’s I/DD community with a business-to-business tool called The Provider Trust. The trust also helps providers to financially support those they serve that may not have resources.

Together we enhance lives and improve outcomes for the people in your care.

Make your go-to “spend down” strategy a thing of the past with The Provider Trust.

This special needs pooled trust that the Provider controls is an exempt resource, which means an individual’s money put into the trust will not count towards their resource limit.

Now the people you care for and support will be able to save their money and use it when they choose and not have it spent away to save their benefits.

Make this excempt resource a stategic part of your consumer funds management. Now those in your care will be able to save any amount of money in their trust account and not jeopardize their benefits.

Planning and paying in advance for end-of-life services are what state and federal authorities prefer for those receiving means-tested benefits. Monies placed in this irrevocable burial trust will not count towards an individual’s resource limit because it is an exempt resource.

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