Irrevocable Burial Trust

Planning For The Inevitable

Death is not an easy matter and as a provider, you and your staff will inevitably deal with end-of-life decisions for some, if not many of your consumers. To remove stress from your staff and the financial burden from your agency, Arlington Heritage Group created the Irrevocable Burial Trust specifically for I/DD providers. It is coordinated by licensed funeral directors as a member of the Arlington Heritage Group Funeral Network and is complaint with Social Security and Medicaid. Up to $15,000 or more can be put away for services. Changes can be made at any time with no penalty and the trust follows the individual if they switch providers. It is extremely flexible.

Make Sure You Know What You Are Getting

Not all irrevocable accounts are created equal. Just because something is labeled irrevocable does not mean that it is compliant with Social Security and Medicaid. Irrevocable burial accounts, irrevocable CD’s, burial reserve accounts and insurance can all be considered a resource, which could push your consumer’s resource limit over $2,000 and jeopardize benefits. Arlington Heritage Group’s Irrevocable Burial Trust is an exempt resource and will not result in a person’s ineligibility for benefits.

Simple and Straight Forward

At the time of need, all that is required from the provider, caregiver or family is to make one call, since all the arrangements are made in advance. We help to ease the burden of creating and carrying out end-of-life arrangements. Dignity is in the details and we will follow the pre-need plan to ensure that all the preparations are completed with care and compassion. This pre-need plan can hold pricing in place once it is fully funded. There are no claims to submit and no waiting for funds as they are released directly to the funeral service provider. We take care of the essentials so you can have peace of mind during a sorrowful time.