The Irrevocable Burial Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

Arlington Heritage Group is here to guide you through every aspect of creating a pre-need irrevocable burial trust.

Below are some frequently asked questions:

In most cases the decisions are made by the family, caregiver or the individual’s team. In some cases, the individual himself/herself can make these decisions. State and Federal authorities encourage caregivers and providers to have an end-of-life plan in place for individuals receiving SSI and/or Medicaid.
Arrangements can be changed to suit the funds available in the trust. Often, this entails changing the service to a less costly alternative, such as opting for a cremation instead of a traditional burial.
An individual may have additional funds in his or her account and these can be used for extra services or merchandise, such as a marker, headstone, flowers, luncheon or other such items or arrangements. Funds are only to be used for the individual’s funeral expenses. Excess funds are returned to the residing state’s Medicaid Estate Recovery Department.
When a client passes, please call the Arlington Heritage Group Funeral Network emergency number (215) 672-1184 extension 2. If all the arrangements have been made ahead of time, the licensed funeral director will be notified. If the arrangements have not been confirmed, Arlington Heritage Group will work with the decision maker to select a licensed funeral director. This is the only phone call that needs to be made at the time of need.
The trust remains in effect. Funds in the trust can be used toward a funeral service chosen by the new caregiver or decision maker. Arlington Heritage Group will contact and forward all relevant paperwork to the new provider.
The funds are deposited in an irrevocable trust with AmeriServ Trust & Financial Services Company; therefore, the funds do not count as a resource per the Social Security Administration or Medicaid. An irrevocable trust means that it cannot be revoked or recalled. Funds can only be released upon the presentation of a death certificate and certification that funeral services have been provided.
You can notify Arlington Heritage Group that the Social Security Administration or the state Medicaid authority requires a letter confirming the amount in the trust. Arlington Heritage Group will provide a signed verification letter denoting the balance and other relevant or requested information.