The Provider Trust

Safeguarding Benefits And Building Resources

What The Provider Trust Does For Your Consumers

The Provider Trust preserves consumer funds for the future while maintaining government benefits, facilitates long-term planning and eliminates the need to frivolously spend down assets. The Provider Trust is the best financial option for improving the quality of life for those in your care.

What The Provider Trust Does for Your I/DD Agency

Because there is no Medicaid Payback with The Provider Trust, funds accrue in your trust that can be used for other individuals in your program that may never have savings. This remainder account has a true charitable purpose, allowing you to financially support those in your care that have no resources.

We Put The Power Into Your Hands

The Provider Trust Puts You In Charge

Your agency adopts and brands The Provider Trust as its own. Your organization becomes the Trustee and determines who participates and how funds are distributed. With Arlington Heritage Group as your trust administrator, you will be fully supported in the day-to-day operations of the trust.

Your consumers will be able to improve their lives by setting aside funds in a trust account. As long as the individual benefits from the funds, there are few restrictions on distributions.

This qualified special needs pooled trust comes to you fully developed and complaint. We call it the “Trust In The Box” concept. Once you decide to adopt it, simply unpack it and start using it. The Provider Trust and its operations come to you at no-cost and there is no extra labor or capital required to implement. It’s a simple process to begin.

Special Needs Deserve A Special Solution

This “Trust In A Box” concept is a qualified special needs pooled trust that meets federal and state requirements. The major benefits to you and your consumers are as follows:

  • Ensuring Consumers’ Benefits
  • Supporting Consumers With No Resources
  • Improved Outcomes Throughout Your Programs
  • No Cost To Providers, Low Cost To Consumers
  • Compliant With Social Security and Medicaid

The Provider Trust offers advantages to providers and consumers that ABLE accounts and other trusts cannot match. It can be integrated into a consumer’s Individual Supports Plan wherein your teams and families have input and transparency. It’s as easy as opening the box to begin.

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