The Provider Trust

Features & Benefits

The Provider Trust is an in-house special needs pooled trust that allows non-profits a cost-free solution to monitor and manage consumer funds. This trust is an essential instrument in maintaining benefits while allowing for flexible, customized long-range financial planning.

Provider Benefits:

  • Complete business-to-business solution for consumer funds management, bringing control and transparency to the provider as the trustee
  • This solution costs nothing to the provider
  • Arlington Heritage Group administers the trust on behalf of the provider, which includes day-to-day activity, compliance, record-keeping and staff training
  • Trust monies do not count as a resource, ensuring consumers’ eligibility for benefits
  • The Provider Trust is compliant with the Social Security Administration and Medicaid
  • Not subject to Medicaid Payback; creating a remainder account for you to support individuals in your programs

Consumer Benefits:

  • Eligibility for government benefits is maintained; funds in the trust do not count as a consumer resource
  • Eliminates frivolous “spend downs” and conveniently aids in planning for the best outcomes
  • Ideal for clients who receive large sums, such as inheritance, court awards or retroactive Social Security payments
  • Superior to ABLE accounts – no contribution limits or age of disability onset constraints
  • Low cost to participate; fund balances are charged a 1.5% annual administrative fee (prorated monthly)
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