The Irrevocable Burial Trust

Features & Benefits

Arlington Heritage Group was founded in 1986 as a response to providers experiencing difficulties with end-of-life planning. The Irrevocable Burial Trust was developed to aid I/DD providers and their consumers in pre-need arrangements that are compliant with Social Security and Medicaid.

We simplified the process and continue to offer this compassionate service with no costs incurred by the provider.

Provider & Consumer Benefits:

  • At time of need, you make one call and our network of licensed funeral directors takes care of the details
  • The Arlington Heritage Group Irrevocable Burial Trust is an exempt resource and will not jeopardize consumer eligibility for benefits. It is compliant with Social Security, Medicaid and funeral law
  • Only one form is required for intake
  • A fully funded trust keep costs locked in at current rates
  • The maximum amount that can be deposited to the burial trust changes from state to state, but approximates $15,000 – $16,000
  • Other burial accounts and insurance can be consolidated into this burial trust
  • Changes to the arrangements can be made at anytime
  • There are no yearly fees or monthly premiums
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