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Don’t Spend Down To Save Benefits

We see the spend-down strategy happen again and again.  As end of month approaches, providers inevitably find consumers with funds over their resource limit and set into motion the never-ending tactic of spending the money away to save their consumer’s crucial benefits.  This cycle is wasting staff time and consumers’ funds.  You know there must be a better way.

And there is! It’s called an exempt resource. This is a special type of account where a consumer can have funds in any amount and still maintain their benefits. There are very few choices for an exempt resource account but one of those choices was especially created for providers to use for those in their care. This is a special needs pooled trust.

While Congress created this financial tool in 1993, many providers are not using it. We think the most common reasons are:

  • Not aware of this exempt resource and its benefits
  • Do not wish to spend money to develop a (d)(4)(C) trust (special needs pooled trust)
  • Do not possess the know-how to run a trust


Well, we have a solution for this too. It’s called The Provider Trust. It is a qualified in-house special needs pooled trust already developed, which we offer to you at no cost. Your 501(c)(3) organization adopts and brands The Provider Trust as its own and your organization becomes the Trustee. Arlington Heritage Group stays on as your trust administrator and handles the day-to-day operations of the trust, so you and your consumers are fully supported.

A special needs pooled trust brings many advantages to both consumer and provider. When a consumer places their excess funds into a trust, this money can be saved and used by the individual as needed over their lifetime, helping to enhance lives and improve outcomes. And with this type of trust, your organization will be able to create a permanent endowment to support your consumers, especially those without resources. Some additional benefits include:

  • Eliminates the need for spend downs as money in the trust does not count as a resource, helping to ensure eligibility for benefits
  • B2B solution, bringing control and transparency to the provider as the trustee
  • Ideal for consumers who continually exceed resource limits, those with jobs or those that receive an inheritance or award
  • Not subject to Medicaid payback
  • No age or contribution limits, superior to ABLE accounts


Let us help you put a special needs pooled trust to work for you and your consumers to ensure a continuity of government benefits, asset protection and peace of mind.

Arlington Heritage Group is an exempt resource expert and works exclusively with human service providers to help safeguard benefits and build resources for its consumers and I/DD community.

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